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NYE  1.1.19

Welcome to your home for New Year's

Punta Mona, Costa Rica


Jungala 2019

Jungala 2019

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Carter and Mackenzie

Last year for New Years, a small group of us traveled to Punta Mona, an eco-village situated on both primary Costa Rican rainforest and Atlantic beach front.

We spent the week hiking through untouched primary rainforest, eating incredible home-cooked meals prepared directly from the land, learning about indigenous wisdom and culture, participating in ceremony, swimming by day, dancing at night, watching the moon rise over the sea, eating fruits directly off the trees, bathing in mud from the riverbed, singing and playing instruments around the fire, and laughing with new friends.

Perhaps the best part was meeting the crew of people who make Punta Mona possible. People with big hearts, deep laughs, and open minds, who have traveled the world and share adventures from all its corners. To be honest, the hardest thing about leaving Punta Mona was saying goodbye to them. So when Nic, Devin, and Cassandra said they wanted to have us for New Years again, and shared their ambitious vision of co-curating an experience with us and our closest friends... we realized we had no choice but to say YES! 

Our hope is that by sharing this experience with our friends and family, we will strengthen bonds and hone our intentions to have a greater impact on our planet. In other words, we don't see this is a hedonistic escape from reality, but rather as a way to become more in touch with our reality–particularly Mother Nature whose beauty and love is easy to miss in the cities and desert.

If you come with us  on this adventure, we are confident that it will be a transformative experience and that we’ll return home with an expanded love of nature and a rejuvenated passion to bring our species and our planet into a more harmonious relationship.


--Kenzie & Carter

A Note from our friends

Carter & Mackenzie


4 day NYE Celebration

Elemental Alchemy 

december 30


december 31


Communication, Celebration, Illumination

Music (jungle vibes), ideas, playfulness, spoken word, story telling, indigenous traditions, creativity

Education: air-carbon cycles/nitrogen cycles

Movement with aerialist, acroyoga


Astrological readings

Food from the trees suspended in air (chayote, jackfruit, bread fruit)

january 1


Ignite the Fire, Action plans, Directives, Boldness, Fierceness, Solutions

Fireworks at midnight

Movement: Fire and flow arts workshop, Yin morning yoga

Food: Alive, super foods, fiery foods, replenishment nutrient-dense

january 2


Flow, fluidity, emotions, intuition

Listening to guiding lights.  Trusting progress and process. Compassion and forgiveness, connection, cohesion

Education: hydrological cycle, hydrotherapies


Movement vinyasa flow

Foods high in water content (greens, watermelon, cucumber, fruits, pipas, coconut, chaia)

Boat out to see dolphins!

Grounding, Centering, Orientation, Wisdom

Loyalties: exploring what are we loyal to

Education: Rooted in learning, hands-on, practical knowledge

Movement: yoga with grounding as a focus. Earthing, walking barefoot through the property

Food: rooted within the earth

Offerings & Beauty

brought to us by: 

The Vision Train

-  Visionary Artist, 

Amanda Sage

Collective Tree Planting

- Nic Rotundo

Kundalini Yoga Flow

- Sara Nory

The Art of


- Vito Blacksmith

Sounds of the Jungle

- TIMOUR, Bubu, and Malik

How to Access more Flow State on the Dance Floor

- Kenzie & Carter

Experience Gourmet Farm to Table Expo

- Chef Ronan

Guatemalan Traditional Art - "Why we paint"

- Antonio Vazquez 

If you are inspired to share or lead an intentional circle please contact us via e-mail.


JUNGALA 1.1.19 

We are all contributing to this celebration including you. The generosity of all people contributing is why we are able to have such an epic Fiesta. This event is by private invitation only and is produced by family and friends. There is no intention to release this to the public. 


There is limited space (around 60 spaces released).

If you feel you know or meet someone aligned with the beneficence design of Jungala that should be invited please have them contact us directly at

artistry in philanthropy

$100 up to $300 of each ticket is going to benefit the programs of your choosing. More funds can be allocated before, during and after the event as your generosity increases. This Benefit Credit is up to you to apportion how you would choose. We will be representing specific Direct Action components where 100% of the funds directly benefit with zero bureaucracy in between the good we create. These projects/artists will be present throughout the new year celebration.

If you represent a not for profit or non-profit cause or even a for-profit cause that you feel has a solution or idea for benefiting people or planet, please reach out as we would be happy to consider all programs to benefit from this fundraiser. 


visionary art

supporting access to the arts with leading visionary artists

rainforest conservation

reforestation and support of one of the largest living botanical collections

ocean conservation

reef restoration and a local initiative to convert harmful trash on beaches into building materials

What to expect


 There are private rooms, private cabins and shared glamping options in a lush, remote jungle setting. Shared facilities. Hot Showers. Bring your own biodegradable soaps.

Additional time can be extended before or after your stay starting at $100 per person per night including 3 meals and accommodations. 

— 4 Full Days —

— Dec.30th - Jan. 2nd —

- Accommodations 

- 3 Meals/ day

-Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Drinks

- Boat transport or Guided Hike to and from Punta Mona

- Luggage Transport to and from Punta Mona


What's Included

Punta Mona

Choose your Package and type of Accommodation ...

Important information, links and bookings for your travels ...

Logistic, Accommodations, and available Packages

 Find pertinent information in the following pages: 

If you have any additional questions on tickets or logistics you can contact us via e-mail

extend your stay

Painting with Light Workshop | Jan. 4-11th

Join Amanda Sage  for an unforgettable experience, dive into your imagination and learn tools for expressing it. Dive into the ocean and into the jungle, commune with nature as the senses are enriched by the experience of a thriving eco-system. 


Painting with Light is a workshop series that is offered a few times a year in unique destinations around the world. Punta Mona will host 2019's workshop right after Jungala starting January 4th-11th. 

Fill in your contact for updates on Jungala artists, causes, travel info, costs & more. AOTA  will only send invitations and updates on Jungala. 


Or contact us at

Thank you for viewing our event, please let us know if there is anything not working or if you have any questions. 

Love & Light - AOTA Team


Ceremony of the JungleDevin Gabhart
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